Saturday, February 1, 2014


unfortunately, my new frankie diary doesn't have space in it to write monthly goal lists like it did last year... but that doesn't mean i won't keep writing them!

this month, i'm trying to keep things simple, so i don't get too overwhelmed.

so my only two goals for this month are...
*get running - my body is craving it, and this is definitely a craving i can give into.
*get hexy-ing - i've got quite a bit of fabric, ready to cut up and stitch up and i haven't touched anything to do with hexies for months and MONTHS!

nice and simple huh?

what are your plans for the month ahead? setting any goals for yourself?


Jodie said...

My goals include trying not too work all the time... And going for walks.

Sally said...

Ooo... I've been sewing up hexies too. So easy to take about with me. Looking forward to seeing yours.
I'm not a jogger... knees are bit tender - but the plan is to hit the pavements walking this month.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Read every day (it's an aspiration more than a hard goal) and definitely get my body moving again - back on my bike and lots of walking.