Thursday, April 4, 2013


i woke up for the third morning in a row with no hot water
i struggled to get out of bed
i hit the letterbox on the way to work with my car
and promptly burst into tears
i bought early morning energy drinks for my co-workers
and a delicious bread-y twist-y thing
i did the things i needed to do at work
and i did them with a smile
i ended up working a 10 hour day
and by the end of it, i felt much better than i did when i started
bb and i got dumplings for dinner instead of cooking
they were delicious
then i sorted washing

today's a month of prompt is aquamarine

today, i don't have the energy to craft, or to study, but i got through it!
and today, THAT feels like an achievement!

what have you been up to today? was your thursday a great one? or a fairly average one?


Dee said...

Yikes ! Not a good start to the day at all :(
Any day that ends in dumplings is a good day tho.
Here's to a much better tomorrow ( and hot water!)

Lea said...

Oh some days are like that. Hope today was super. I always tell myself 'this too will pass' and of course it usually does. Happy weekend!

Car said...

Don't cry over backing into a letterbox (nless of course it was parcel day and your pretty parcels have tyre marks? ;) ) I once backed into the garage door (well the garage door came down on my new car... Hubby swears he didnt press the remote button, the jury is still out because I certainly didnt LOL!