Sunday, September 19, 2010

flea market finds.

oh my goodness, it's been more than a week? where did all that time go to? damn uni, sucking up all my creativity/opshopping time!

i did however manage to get a little flea market-ing done today. i dragged my brother out of bed and to the kongwak market with me (in my mum's car, which is a manual, LOTS of stalling).

it had been a while since i'd been, but it's the same, a literal treasure trove!

so many little stalls and pockets of second-hand vintagey goodies. and some quite lovely food too. there were two young girls playing folk versions of pop songs with guitars that set a lovely tone for the whole event :D i just wish i wasn't so stressed from the driving to enjoy it a bit more ha ha!

they also had a few organic and local produce stalls, some lovely looking vegies and wine!

unfortunately, rent is due VERY soon, and the rent account is still very empty, so apart from a snag in bread, i left the market empty handed.

my flea market find is actually a garden that was down the road a little from the market.

i thought it was a community type garden at first, on second looks though, i think it's actually a little close to the house to be a community garden. i had a sneaky wander through anyway. i figure if you didn't want people wandering through, you'd put up fences right?

more (traditional) flea market finds over at her library adventures.


Brianna said...

Always wanted to go there. I might have to get you to take me one day. That garden looks so cute!

Melissa said...

Looks like a fun market, I'm loving the garden and yes I agree if they didn't want you in there, there would be a fence.