Monday, January 13, 2014

meal planning monday.

as i mentioned yesterday, bb and i stuck pretty close to our meal plan for last week which i am SUPER pleased about. also, neither of us bought lunch all week! i think that probably saved us nearly $100 for the week!
hopefully we can do the same in the week ahead.

tonight, i'm whipping up this salad again! bb loved it so much that he has requested we have it EVERY week! i honestly thought he was joking when he said it, but it was the first thing he said when i asked what we should be eating this week!
for lunch today, we'll be having leftover roast pork from last night. bb cooked extra vegies and everything, full roast lunch here we come!

tomorrow night, i've got some lamb chops to cook up, with a big whack of salad. tuesday will be the first of a big string of 40+ degree days so i'm going to try and avoid putting the oven on all week!
lunches will be salad leftovers.

wednesday night, i'm off to ncb! i've missed it so! bb has a steak to cook for himself, and i'll grab something while i'm out!
for lunch, i'm going to whip up some sweet potato fritters while i cook the lamb chops on tuesday night. they should be great with some salad on the side.

thursday night, i'm planning to cook up some meatballs. pasta and fresh basil and they should be perfect!
more leftover salad from monday for lunching i think.

friday night is my late night at work, so i think i'll put together this recipe in the slow cooker. i think if i reduce the liquid (beef stock) it should go ok in the slow cooker... we'll see!
leftover meatballs for lunches!

saturday, we're heading to a friend's place for a bbq to help them warm their new home. i can't wait as i haven't seen them in ages! so much to catch up on!

and sunday, bb is planning a roast chicken. should be delicious!

what are you eating this week? how are you planning for the heat streak ahead if you're in melbourne? what's the weather like where you are?

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It's quite mild up here. Taking your lunch to work saves you a gazillion dollars a week I reckon, and it's not that hard to do, just need to plan.