Wednesday, January 8, 2014

green love.

i haven't shared in a couple of weeks... but there's lots going on!

i moved this little window box of strawberries (it's previous position became completely overgrown with raspberries) and they seem much happier for it!

that big red one was my breakfast the morning i took this picture and it was the sweetest strawberry i've eaten in ages!

unfortunately, a possum found the rest on new years morning (i caught him in the act when we got home at ridiculous o'clock) and not only are the rest of the berries gone, so are all the leaves! SO frustrating!!!

in less frustrating news, the asparagus spears i shared a couple of weeks ago are looking a bit different...

they've gone all ferny!
i think they look super cute!
i noticed this morning too that another little spear has poked it's head up to say hello, so there should be more ferns on their way!

i only realised on the weekend, but my poor lemongrass has been COMPLETELY overgrown with regular grass!

i'll have a little weed pull whenever i'm watering the plants over the next week and hopefully there's still some lemongrass surviving under there! oops!

what's growing in your patch at the moment? weeds accidentally over-running things? possums destroying entire plants? or perhaps you're just growing lots of things?

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