Wednesday, October 23, 2013

green love.

the last couple of days have been rainy and miserable in these here parts, which has meant, not much time getting outside in my garden.

there is however, lots going on on my window sill to share.

shall we take a closer look??

on the weekend, mum and i replanted the tomato seedlings that i planted a few weeks ago. they're still recovering from the trip from the country i think... hopefully, when the sun comes out again, they'll bounce back without any issue :D

next door is some parsley i planted a couple of weeks ago. it has gone completely nuts! i think i might need to replant this pretty soon too so it doesn't get too leggy...

next along is the thyme i planted at the same time as the parsley. it has also gone a bit ballistic. i think i'll let the little leaves develop for a bit longer before i replant these ones though...

and last but not least, i planted some oregano at the same time as the other herbs too. apart from the chives i planted (which haven't sprouted at ALL yet!), the oregano is the slowest going... still a couple of weeks before i replant these ones at least.

it was funny while i was down in the country over the weekend, as the first thing mum and i did after our little gardening session, was to put the plants and seeds we'd potted on the windowsill!
i wonder where i get it from!?!

what's growing at your place at the moment? what quirks have you picked up from your parents?

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