Tuesday, October 22, 2013


i'm forgoing sleep. and wishing i didn't have to work. i'm avoiding any chores and all housework has been forgotten... i'm back on the heart blankie wagon.

this blankie is seriously addictive.
being the smallest blankie i've ever made, it's working up SUPER quickly AND it's absolutely smashing through my scrappy balls of wool!
i've already used up 4 balls!!

one of those balls may have been a grey ball though...
it's entirely possible i will need to BUY a bit more grey to get this one finished as i have used up at last half of the full ball i had too!

i might invest in a whole lot more grey to be honest... i'm already planning another of these blankies when i'm done...

have you ever been addicted to crocheting a blankie? what's your favourite blankie pattern?


ARTwendy ... said...

its looking gorgeous .... truly loving it!! something special for sure .... love your colour combos too xo

Ana BC said...

The blanket looks gorgeous! I know how you feel...when I like a project, I tend to do many of them ;-)

Sally said...

Adorable. It sure is one super sweet blankie.