Tuesday, September 3, 2013

sock it to me.

last week, i cast on some socks. not just any socks, but these socks. two at a time socks. so then i can't get one done and then not want to do the other!
the process was a little strange to start... but once i got the hang of it, it was quite easy!

this was after ncb last wednesday night... let's just say, there wasn't a whole lot of knitting going on that night, lots of delicious food and a LOT of chin-wagging!

and this was after a bit of a session on saturday night, which was after a bit of a session on friday night, knitting in front of the fire with mum, with pizza and cider. it was a pretty brilliant night.

they're coming along nicely, but i'm a little bit scared for when i get to the heel! wish me luck?

do you knit socks? do you struggle with heels? do you like wearing knitted socks?


Rachelle said...

Well done on doing 2 at a time; I never got the hang of that so keep on one at a time. It works for me. I love hand knit socks; can't remember the last time I wore my shop bought socks now. They're comfy and warm, but even in summer they never feel too warm.

linda said...

I love knitted socks but I have never made any, making two at once sounds like a good idea because knowing me once I've done one I won't want to make another. I will try to make some one day I am determined! :)

Mistea said...

Those socks are looking lovely. Just remember when the heels are done you're nearly there. And you'll have 2!