Saturday, September 21, 2013

little lovelies

every week, i try and share a little list of lovely things that have happened throughout the week in my neck of the woods, to try and keep myself looking on the bright side of things.

i've started to make some great progress on my re-organisation efforts.

i have HALVED the number of magazines in my stash. HALF of them are now in a box to go to the op-shop, with all of the recipes that i like the look of, photographed, edited and stored in my computer. they're ready to use and easy to access!

i've also made a start on the prettification of my crafty boxes too!
i'm giving them a couple of coats of gesso before i start the real prettifying :D

i managed to spend an hour or so in the sunshine this morning... having a good look around at my backyard and a bit of a knit

i pulled back all of the work i'd done on the first heel of my sock as i couldn't for the life of me remember where i was up to, and i was pretty sure i'd made a few mistakes.
i managed to get the heel finished in just that little stint of knitting. pretty happy with myself :D

on a more boring note, i've cleared up a couple of major issues with my study and am ready to get everything finished!
it feels really great to know exactly what needs to be done, and when it has to be done by. 13 assessments tasks in 7 weeks. it'll be a challenge but i feel like i can achieve it now :D

and as always, this guy made me smile

pets really do make life nicer huh?

what have you been up to this week? what has made you smile? do you have a pet?

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