Monday, September 16, 2013

meal planning monday.

monday again! and i haven't blogged since last monday, oops!
there's a lot of posts in my head at the moment... they just haven't quite made it onto the screen yet though. i'll work on that ha ha!

but in the mean time, let's get meal planning!

tonight, i'm hoping to put together a bengali fish curry (sfi sep '13, pg. 33). i haven't made it before, or any kind of fish curry to be honest... i'm hoping it comes together ok!

tomorrow night, i might grab some bolognaise out of the freezer. lazy night for me in the kitchen :D

wednesday night, i might try out pink patent mary jane's way of cooking a roast chicken. it looks and sounds absolutely divine! hope i can do it justice!

thursday, bb has requested a risotto. chicken and pea, so i might just have to make up some stock using the carcass from wednesday night's roast! i did this last week too and we didn't eat until 8:30! i might get it started a bit earlier this week ha ha!

this week, i'm working late on friday (my roster's been a bit all over the place at the moment ha ha!) so the slow cooker will be doing all the hard work! i think i'll throw all the ingredients in for this mongolian beef. it'll be nice to come home to, served with some rice and maybe even some steamed greens. yum!

saturday night, i think i'll whip up a bit of a vegetarian affair, just don't tell BB ok? broccolini pad thai should fool him ;)

sunday is bb's birthday so i will let him decide what he feels like on the day! i know for my birthday, i requested slow-cooked pork belly, but ended up having a banquet of take-away thai! it was pretty amazing actually :D

what are you eating this week? what would be your 'birthday meal' request?

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