Tuesday, April 28, 2015

100 days of creativity - week 2.

week two was a little slow going up onto instagram as the shorter days are definitely impeding on my photo taking time. i did get there eventually though ha ha!

a finish up of the beanie i started last week, as well as a start to a swatch for work, and a baby blankie with some yarns i was gifted as part of a yarn swap. ooh and there was a little fixing of my crocheted blankie that was developing a few holes after being on the couch for the last couple of years. and also a little end weaving on some wash cloths that my mum got to knitting.
i'm finding it quite hard to take interesting and different photos of my projects each day, so i think i'll keep juggling projects for the 100 days, so i don't bore everyone to tears...

what creating have you gotten up to this week?

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