Sunday, April 12, 2015


ok, so we're more than a week INTO april and i haven't even written my monthly intention post yet! oops!!
i've been thinking about it a lot, but a long weekend away in the country saw me having a little too much fun outside and hanging with my family. time well spent me thinks!

now i share a little bit of what i'd been up to in march already, but i'll share what i was up to for the rest of the month too...

making the kitchen pretty while preserving some chillies.
taking walks around my neighborhood, racking up steps to get to 10k steps each day, well most days in march anyway.
hung out with the cutest puppy in the universe, and some most excellent ladies too.
oh, AND, i bought my wedding dress! bb and i got engaged on our anniversary in december last year so now i'm slowly SLOWLY planning bits and pieces to bring it all together. hopefully by our anniversary THIS year. lots to do!

and now for the month ahead?
well i'm playing along with...

and i'm taking the challenge to do a little crafting every day. my crafty to-do list is getting out of control...

so i thought it would prove an opportunity to get it whittled down... now if only i would stop ADDING things to the list ha ha!

last month i didn't quite get to organising mine and bb's birth certificates so that will be high on the priority list for april. especially seeing as now there might be an overseas adventure planned post-wedding. woohoo!

what's on your agenda for this month? are you joining in the 100 days of creativity too?

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Megan said...

Those chillies look so cute hanging there. Didn't you get a good harvest!

And a wedding dress, very exciting. Good luck with all the planning.

This month I'd like to unpack the craft room and the spare room so that we can then do some rearranging and have an empty room for the nursery which needs a paint and some furniture!