Tuesday, December 2, 2014


it is the last month of the year?!? the LAST month? how did that happen?!?!

my goals for november? well, they've not really come to fruition at all!
i was hoping to have some socks done and dusted... but they're not really happening... i have one pair, past the heel, but there's still quite a loooooong stretch of foot to go, and i'm more than a little worried i'll run out of wool to be perfectly honest.
the kris kringle plans i had? well i haven't touched them!
and running? let's not even go there!

and this month? well i'd like to finish off the purple socks i'm working on, and get those kris kringle presents DONE!
i've also got one or two christmas presents i'd like to make, but well, that might not happen... we'll see!

and HOPEFULLY my oven will get fixed/replaced at some point and i can bake up some bread! i whipped up the above loaves while i was at mum and dad's over the weekend.

a small number of goals for a busy, busy month!

what are you up to this month? are you making any christmas gifts?

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Betsy said...

I am amazed to say that for the first time in my life everything is done for Christmas-except the bit of knitting that should be finished today. (The hood on my grandson's sweater). All done! I can not believe it and the relief I feel is amazing. I'm sending all of my energy to you now, for a fast finish up of your projects!