Wednesday, July 30, 2014

green love.

after getting some chores done on sunday, i treated myself with a little potter around the garden.
a little bit of weed pulling, some watering, re-mulching and pruning.

i pruned back my roses for the winter (which probably should've been done a good month ago...) and rather than just throwing out the trimmings, i cut some of them up to try my hand at propagating!

and while i was getting some dirt in some pots to organise the cuttings....

i thought i'd fill up any other vessel i had too...

i pulled out my seed box and planted in all of the old flower seeds i had in the box. if any of them sprout, i think it'll be a miracle as some of the packets were suuuuuuuper old!

while i had my seed box out, i also popped some rocket and spinach seeds in my big planter box... over where the onions are planted. except that there are no onions growing there anymore... damn!!!
i'm hoping to get some onions planted in the chookyard at mum and dad's this weekend. fingers crossed for that!

what's growing at your place at the moment? do you have onions in the ground?

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