Thursday, July 31, 2014

bamboo lovin'

last year, when i went on a roadtrip to bendigo, i picked up a whole heap of beautiful bamboo yarn, that went on to become this blankie, and this blankie!
with a request to knit up another baby blankie, there was only one thing i wanted to knit it with...

i was a little down, as the colour selection was definitely a little less vibrant this time around, and i played around with swatching, trying to find a fit with the colours, that would work, but also look fairly gender neutral. everything was just kind of looking flat though...

after a little bit of googling, i found a yarn that i though looked pretty similar... and knowing that bendigo woollen mills are a supplier of heirloom, i thought i'd take a bit of a gamble...

and it turned out perfectly!
i've got all of the colours i used for the two previous blankie again!

i've got the blankie on the needles already, but i haven't got much done yet. i'm hoping to get quite a bit done while i'm at mum and dad's over the weekend!

and as for the other balls of bamboo? well they're destined to be knit up as single colour baby blankies, to go into my wee shop. one day!

have you ever knit a baby blankie? what is your favourite yarn to use?

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