Friday, March 21, 2014

a baby finish.

as i mentioned last week, the baby blankie i'd been working on is all DONE!
i've just been a bit slack in getting around to sharing it!

i gifted it over the weekend, at the mum-to-be's baby shower.
thankfully, it was well received, and hopefully the new little babe likes it too! can't wait to meet the little poppet in the next couple of weeks!

i followed a super simple pattern for this blankie... well not really a pattern at all. i altered the dishcloth pattern i have knit previously, but without the yarn overs and subsequent gappy edge...

the yarn i used was a bamboo from the magical backroom at bendigo woollen mills and it was an absolute dream to knit with. i LOVE the texture of the knitted fabric!

i'm also really happy as this was another 198g from the stash. well actually a little more as i was NOT putting the leftovers back into my stash, and knit up TWO dishcloths with the scraps. one for myself, and one for the mum-to-be, gifted with some lovely hand-made soap picked up from the market i visited on the weekend. 250g in total! the stash is slowly dwindling. very. slowly.

oh, also, i got to test out the labels i was making last week too.
i really like the way they have turned out!

have you finished up anything lately? do you have a favorite gift for new babes?


Betsy said...

Beautiful blanket! I'm sure it will be very well loved by both the Mom and the baby. I just made a baby blanket with this same pattern but included the yarnovers. Happy weekend!

Sally said...

Of course it was well received - it is gorgeous and so perfect for a baby. You're a very generous person.

Ana BC said...

Gorgeous blanket, Nicole! you are tempting me to make one (I'd start one right away if I didn' have so many WIP's) And thepersonalized tag is so cool :-) Congrats

Megan said...

How gorgeous is that blanket! Definitely a reason to go for a random order rather than a pattern, it turned out so lovely.

Lea said...

What a sweet and thoughtful gift. It's just beautiful Nicole.

kgirlknits said...

great thinking on the washcloths to use up the leftovers - can never have too many of them with a newborn, and those will be super pretty!