Monday, December 9, 2013

meal planning monday.

monday again! and gosh today was a tough one!
i don't know if it was the weekend being over, or the weather today but i felt like a zombie all day!

one of the main reasons why this meal plan is so late in the day!

tonight, i'm making the dinner i had planned last thursday night. it never quite came together last week though i had good intentions, i even got the chicken out of the freezer and defrosting! thankfully it's still good tonight, and it's now wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with garlic butter and in the oven! all that's left to do is to pick some spinach and whip up a salad! easy!

tomorrow night, i'm going to put together a lasagne. i've had a hankering all day today after ruth posted this picture to her instagram feed. divine.

wednesday night, i might cook up some pork chops. bb put in a request for them last week and they should be delicious served up with some wilted spinach and maybe some cous cous.

thursday night, i'll cook up another bb request, beef vindaloo! will have to find my curry cook book as i've never made a vindaloo before. exciting stuff!

friday night, i'll be working late. the slow-cooker will be on the case for sure. i think i'll dig some chicken drumsticks out of the freezer and put together this recipe. hopefully it's delicious!

saturday night, bb and i are off to my work christmas party. it's sure to be a good night with good food and probably a few too many drinks. fun times!

sunday night, bb and i are heading out again! this time to a friend's house, to have a good catch up pre-christmas. fingers crossed the weather is nice, so we can get our bbq on!

what are you eating this week? lots of christmas parties on the agenda?

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