Thursday, December 5, 2013

kris kringle present. number two.

last night at ncb (the fortnightly craft group i attend) we had our annual kris kringle present swap.
we do things a bit differently to your normal kris kringle swap though, in that we don't make a gift for anyone in particular. we make a gift that we think is nice and that most everyone would like. this way, there's no disappointment if the person who pre-picked your name can't attend on the night!

the gift i whipped up this year was a bousta beret.

it was quite an interesting knit. it had WAY more lacework than i'd ever knitted before and required a lot more conscious thought to maintain the pattern than i'm used to... i have spent that last month knitting dishcloths after all!

i think i'd like to knit it again. particularly now that i've got the hang of the pattern.
though i'll make sure that i fix my tensioning next time. this hat was a wee bit tight on my head...

i finished this hat up on tuesday night and promptly spent a good hour taking photo after photo, trying to get a good picture of me modelling it.

but this guy trumped me in about 5 seconds flat! his lovely mumma, cathie was taking it home, and though she's not a hat person, i hope it fits and is loved by one of her other little people!!

do you participate in kris kringle present swaps? how do you go with complex lacework knitting?


1 comment:

Cathie said...

how funny is that little guy! thank you so much, Amelie loves it, she wore it this morning and felt very "French" indeed!
you are just the must talented thing!
big hugs x