Friday, April 15, 2016

part two - post-ceremony lunching.

after the ceremony, we had some fancy shots snapped (which i might share another day...) and met all of our guests for lunch at mr price's food store.

it was the perfect place for our post-ceremony lunching. warm and cosy and comfortable, with delicious food and fabulous service!

a quick smooch in the doorway of mr. price's food store everyone seated around the table, getting ready for lunch a single sprig of lavender on a cloth napkin, set with vintage cutlery and side plate fresh heirloom tomato, basil and bocconcini chicken and eggplant parmas, slow-cooked beed, vegetables, salad cutting the cake, complete with handmade cake topper made by bb's dad to look like us relaxing around the lunch table

i wanted to do a little something to thank our guests for coming along, and in true nicole style, it had to feature a little hand-made, or in this case, a lot hand-made!

screenprinted hand-made gift bags as wedding bonbonierre crocheted star wars figures, gifted as wedding bonbonierre

i mentioned that i worked on some screen printing at the craft session last year in an earlier post, but this was my main reason for wanting to do that workshop!
i screenprinted panels with our initials and a heart, and then whipped them up into bags for everyone.
i also got busy with some wool and a hook and crocheted up some little amigurumi star wars characters (using the patterns from this book) too! they went into the bags along with a wee jar of strawberry compote.

those few projects kept me very busy in the few weeks before the wedding, and as i wanted them to be a surprise for everyone attending, those closest to us couldn't work out why i was so stressed ha ha!

so that's day one pretty much shared... there's still day two to go to!
i'm really enjoying the process of going back through these photos are reliving the memories. so much fun!

the same as yesterday, all shots in this post were taken by our ace wedding photographer luke.


Reanna Clark said...

Beautiful! I literally live around the corner from Mr Price's Foodstore and have always been intrigued what it is like! Seems to be the perfect location for your wedding reception. Also the little Star Wars characters are adorable!

Betsy said...

Beautiful! How sweet of you to make handmade gifts for everyone. It looks like it was a lovely, happy day.

Veggie Mama said...

Oh these photos are incredible! You must have had the best day x

Lea said...

So intimate Nicole. Me Prices looks divine as did you x

Lea said...