Tuesday, August 19, 2014

daily bread.

over the past week, i've been thinking of ways to improve my bread baking skills...
practice is the obvious answer, but practice means baking lots of bread, and having lots of bread to eat. being that it's just bb and i, we don't actually eat a huge amount of bread...
so kept thinking i did...

then, i asked around at work, who would be interested in some freshly baked sourdough bread to take home? lots of people!!

this was my stash of dough resting overnight last night.
enough for two loaves and a chocolate sourdough cake!

i was up super early this morning to get everything happening... and i'm about to pull loaf number two and the cake out.
i'm a bit worried about the cake as i chucked it in with the loaf at full whack in the oven, when it should have gone in at about 180 degrees instead... oops!

i feel that after even just a few days, my bread loaves are coming up nicer and nicer. and my starter is getting happier as it's not in and out of the fridge all the time, i'm just leaving it on the kitchen bench and using it as i need it. oh and keeping it well fed!

i'm also finding it quite rewarding to be creating something different with my hands. baking bread is a super quick gratification too.
why did i get up so early again? oh that's right *slathers butter onto a still warm from the oven slice of bread* yummmmm!

are you a bread baker? have you tried a sourdough cake before?


Lyndel said...

I hae never made bread, but I did make a "Herman" sourdough cake earlier this year. You bake the cake but pass on a portion of the starter to friends... and it goes around and around.

Megan said...

I need to get back into practicing my bread making skills, I haven't made any for about 3 months. Similar reasons, I just don't eat a great deal of bread and plus, I haven't quite got the hang of it yet. I'm not making sourdough though, mine is the normal stuff. I think I just need to be prepared to chuck it out and start again if it doesn't work. It's not like it costs a lot to make.