Tuesday, November 26, 2013

el socko, finito!

yeah, i don't speak spanish...

but i do knit socks!

it wasn't that i was lacking content to blog about last week as i finished these socks the night i flew back from sydney! that would be well over a week ago now!!
no matter, i can share now!

i wasn't sure that i was going to get them back to sew the ends in once i finished them to be quite honest...

thankfully, bb runs hot, and it wasn't too long until he had to pull them off!
i took the opportunity to weave those ends in, and snap a few pictures too!

oh and those dreamy colour changes, just once more...

love them!

not going to lie, while i was knitting these socks, i was dreaming up other projects for the other ball of this wool... i think it would look super lovely knitted up as a milo don't you?

any other project suggestions? do you knit socks?

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