Wednesday, July 17, 2013

green love.

i love that even though it's winter, things are still happening out in my garden. growing and changing, but at a much slower pace than in spring and summer...

the coriander and rocket are liking their sunnier spot in the front yard. slow and steady growth.

the bok choy i planted a while ago has sprouted now. though it might need a little thinning out if all of these seedlings take.

the carrot seeds i planted have sprouted too, at the rate they're going though, i might not get carrots until this time next year!

the garlic is the only thing that seems to be growing at any decent pace. both the pot in the backyard, and the one in the front yard are growing at a rate of knots!

gardening at this time of the year is certainly a test of patience, but helps me to be incredibly grateful for the sunshine when we get it :D
but seriously, how long til spring?

how is you garden growing at the moment? is there much going on?

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