Thursday, June 27, 2013

my creative space.

today, and all week to be honest, i've been working on my granny stripe.
i remembered that i mayyyy have put finishing the granny stripe on my 24 before 25 list and, well, 25 is coming along quite quickly!

i had a little measure the other night, and realised that this blankie is 180 cm wide! i thought it was heaps smaller than my ripple but it's only about 20 cm smaller! no wonder it's taking a while!
when i measured the other night, it measured 94cm long, so i guess i'm about halfway through!

i've set myself a goal of 4 rows a day, and i'm a little behind at this stage. definitely need to get my crochet on tonight!

i've also been thinking about what to cast onto my needles next... i need to work it out so i have something to knit on saturday, while i'm travelling to and from the voices of 2013 masterclass!

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Ana BC said...

Your blanket is looking great!!!

ARTwendy ... said...

keep on going - it looks sensational .... love it ... you know you'd better guard it carefully, that's how much i love this .... thanks for sharing Nicole ...