Monday, September 24, 2012

meal planning monday.

little bit of an extended break there... this month has been extremely hectic so far! i've got a whoooooooole lotta things i want to get done this month and time is running out SO quickly!

can you believe it's nearly october? and by october i mean blogtober ;)

but onto the food plans for the week shall we...

tonight, i'm cooking up some fresh salmon after work, served with a big whack of green salad. it'll be just what i need after a big day of work AND a staff meeting. actually, maybe a glass of wine would go down well too!

tomorrow night, is date night! there's a new thai take-away place that has opened up in our neighbourhood so i think we'll definitely need to give it a try!

wednesday, i'm at work all day, so the slow-cooker will be back in business tonight (after a bit of a hiatus!)
i've got plans to make sweet and sour beef from the sally wise 'slow cooker' book. can't wait!

thursday, another day at work, and another day for the slow-cooker. tonight though, chicken with fennel and lemon sauce.

friday is my late night at work so i'll make sure that i've got a fragrant potk curry in the slow-cooker for when bb and i get home from work.

which brings me to the weekend! a weekend off from work! seeing as how satuday is grand final day, i forsee football food in our future, meat pies and beer anyone? not the healthiest but i'm pretty sure it's the only way to go ha ha!

on sunday we're heading out for a birthday lunch for a friend, so i highly doubt we'll feel much like a big dinner, we'll definitely play it by ear!

what are your plans for the week ahead?

the home of meal planning monday

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