Tuesday, July 31, 2012


i'm a day early with my monthly goals, but for good reason...
i've got quite the reveal tomorrow, but i'll save it for tomorrow...

now, for the month just gone... i'm quite proud of what i managed.
i got some things finished, and started something new. i also celebrated my mum's 50th birthday, with all of my family.

and august?
well i've already said i have big plans. but those plans are for this space...
i've also got big plans financially this month. august is my birthday month and when bb asked me what i'd like for my birthday, i announced i'd like to save some of our money. live frugally for a bit.
i'm hoping to save some cash by cutting back on the more luxurious things we indulge in, dinners out, buying lunches, getting manicure (well that's just me...), wool shopping (yep that's just me too...) and well, you get the picture.
i am absolutely desperate to get our foot in the property market door and i'm hoping that this month of saving will get us one step closer.

this month of saving, will mean lots of meal planning, and lots of working through my stash. doesn't sound like such a bad thing to me at all :D
i've got bamcal squares to work on, some more wool for my granny stripe and i've got my reversible wrap to finish!

i'm also hoping to finally get to the 5k mark with my running. i've been working on it for a few months and i am so very nearly there!

do you have big plans for august?

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