Monday, April 9, 2018

taking stock. the catch up edition.

whoa mumma! it's been a while... great plans to blog once a week were completely thwarted by busy life stuff!
anywho, in attempt to get you all caught up on the last few months, i thought i'd go through pip's taking stock list.
here goes!

big sunflower, filling the frame
tray of biscuit balls, waiting to go into the oven
birds eye view of a stack of pancakes, topped with berry compote and a quenelle of cream
a collection of four mini knitted jumpers, with a fifth on the needles
a stack of books and magazines on a bedside table with a reading lamp attached to the nearby bed
ag cuddling his bunny and hunting small eggs on the floor

Making : tiny weeny knitted jumpers for the wool gathering annual retreat next month. and a shawl. and a kid's jumper i started on new years eve and still haven't finished... oops!

Cooking : dinner. every night. i'm stuck in all sorts of ruts right now, but the days stop for no woman! we still need to eat dinner, and even though takeaway is super tempting... our budget (and waistlines for that matter) strongly favour the home cooked meals!

Drinking : a whole lot of tea... i started the year wanting to cut back on my coke consumption, because they really add no benefit to anyone's health or wellbeing... and boy did i start strong, only one in january! then i decided to do feb fast for added sugars in february, and only fell off the wagon once or twice, and then march hit and boy did i indulge! time to cut back again now though! need to keep reminding myself just how terrible that brown, fizzy, sweet rubbish is for me.
so yep, tea. drinking lots of tea!

Reading : a book on homesteading that caught my eye at the library a couple of weeks ago... it's on the bench and i read a couple of pages while i'm waiting for things to cook or while ag is happy playing... so about 6 pages in total ha ha!

Next read : see above picture ^
we recently moved into a house we purchased at the end of last year! and in the unpacking process, i've made myself quite the reading pile! i'm not entirely sure where to start, but i know not bringing my phone or laptop to bed with me at night is probably the best place to start! such terrible habits i'm in with them both!

Wanting : to do all the things... looking around our beautiful lounge room, there are still quite a few bits and pieces that need work... the doors and trim still need painting, there are piles of boxes speaking to me from just inside the study door. oh well, they can wait a little longer!

Looking : forward to being completely settled in... one day ha ha!

Playing : a lot with blocks these days, and with rocks in the front yard, and at the park. toddler life is full on, but full of play!

Deciding : on designs for the laundry cupboard/linen press. need to make the best use of the space we have, without spending a small fortune. can not wait to have some functional storage in there!

Wishing : time didn't go so darn quickly! the days fly by sometimes and i wish they would just slow down ha ha!

Enjoying : having an 18 month old. he is just so cute and so busy all the time, and the discoveries he makes about his world just make me stop and slow down and discover with him. it's amazing!

Waiting : for this sleeping through the night thing to kick in... anytime now with consistency would be just fine ha ha

Liking : getting back to blogging for a second. i've written so many posts in my head, it feels nice to finally get one out!

Wondering : if i can keep some consistency with it...

Loving : having our own space to do anything we want with! it's nice to be able to do exactly as we please!

Pondering : garden options. and ways to connect with my neighbours and new immediate community.

Considering : doing a spot of baking this afternoon. i wonder if my biscuit recipe would go ok gluten-less... we will see!

Buying : a single skein of yarn. my first for the year! i'm trying to use as much from my stash as i can, but a project i have in mind (not from my knitting plans for the year, mind you) calls for a contrast colour, the likes of which i just did not own... soon i will though and i'm hoping to cast on right away! maybe i can share my progress with you soon!

Watching : 'santa clarita diet' on netflix. it is SO funny! and a bit gory at times ha ha. but mostly hilarious. i love drew barrymore, and timothy olyphant is so spunky. i love his portrayal of his character too as i'm pretty sure the last thing i saw him in was 'deadwood' and his character in that was SO different!
i've also been rewatching 'parks and rec' because it is the best! i love all of the characters so much, they're all so great!

Next watch : maybe a rewatch of 30 rock? if i can find it on a streaming service. stan or netflix, please hook a lady up!

Hoping : that i can get this blog post, and a little knitting done before nap time is over...

Marvelling : at how quickly a cup of tea disappears ha ha!

Cringing : at my complete lack of self control when it comes to chocolate. i just need to stop buying it!

Needing : to do some yoga. i don't know why i always put it off when my body loves it so!

Questioning : when i'm going to find time to give myself a little manicure. my nails are all different shapes and sizes at the moment ha ha!

Smelling : vinegar and bicarb. toilet cleaning day! always a job i put off, but so nice when it's done!

Wearing : jeans, sleeve-less tee, handknit socks.

Following : ag around and tidying up after him. well sometimes any way... sometimes i just let him run riot and clean up when he's asleep ha ha! trying to teach him to tidy up after himself, it's not going well...

Worrying : about my favourite boots... i took them to have the heels fixed this morning and i'm going to be without them a week! i miss them already!

Noticing : the birds. i thought i wouldn't see or hear as many birds now we're living in town, but there's still quite a few around... especially at 5am!

Knowing : well trying to get to know my limits a little more... trying not to pack too much into one day and knowing when to stop... like here. i think i'll stop right here!
time is running short and my knitting is calling to me!

what have you been up to the last few months? any tips on where to start in my reading pile? or what to watch next?


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I can't believe your little guy is 18 months already. Time does fly! I've got a ton of books to read but just haven't been making the time for it. I could blog every day if I really wanted to, but in reality I let days slip by and then find it's been weeks or a month since the last time I posted. :/

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