Sunday, June 26, 2016

green love.

oooh boy is it getting chilly! with all this cool weather, the progress in the garden has been slow... but there's definitely been a bit of growth in our ever expanding patch since last time i shared (which i've just realised was over a month ago, where exactly is this time going??)

this lettuce variety (whatever it may be... it came from a mixed packet of seeds i bought in tasmania, last time i was there in 2010, strong little things!) is growing from strength to strength.

this unknown lettuce is growing like crazy, it is super green and has rocket-y type leaves

nothing else seems to have taken hold, so i hope this stuff is delicious and nutritious ha ha!

these little onion seedlings have finally popped their head ups. i'd started to get worried the seeds had been eaten by the birds.

shown with garlic sprouts in the background

they're looking a little dwarfed in comparison to the garlic growing right next door...

getting much bigger

after mulching them in, these garlic sprouts have become very happy little fellows. going from strength to strength!

despite the cold and frosty weather, there are MORE new leaves on my grape vine.

new growth on the grape vine, ready to unfurl new leaves

it is obviously super happy in it's new home!

the broadies are doing their slow but steady climb towards the sky.

slow growing broad beans at this time of the year

i'm trying to decide whether or not to stake them... there's some wicked wind that rips through this little patch on occasions, but having stakes in the ground might just give the wind something else to blow over... more thinking required!

and finally, these wee rainbow chard sprouts are slowly growing up.

yellow-stalked chard, slowly growing up

i can't wait to get some of this green goodness into our meals!

what's growing at your place at the moment?

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

It all looks wonderful. Nothing growing here at the moment now that it is nearly 50 C outside each and every day. Ugh!