Friday, May 20, 2016


my sixth finish of the year was a bit of a spontaneous one.
i've been thinking for the last few weeks, while i'm home this weekend, i'd really like to get some sewing done, but then promptly gotten busy with the 3120398 other things i've wanted to get done too and forgotten.

this weekend just gone, i went as far as pulling out my fabric stash suitcase and sorting through what was in there and was almost ready to leave it at that...

wiksten tank dress sewn in a purple floral cotton purchased from spotlight on sale

until i found a ready-to-go copy of the wiksten tank pattern, all stuck together and cut out in the right size!
i got to cutting it out and pinning it all together monday night, and then sewing it together tuesday morning before heading up to melbourne for work.

i made a mass amount of bias binding as i remembered last time i made a tank, i bound the arm holes and necklines and loved the simplicity and the effect!

close up of binding on neckline and armhole

it turns out i made way too much though, as i also had enough to bind the hem too!


gotta be happy about that!

you'd better believe i threw it straight on and wore it the rest of the day.
there'll most certainly be a photo of me in it in this weeks #memademay post.

i see a few more of these in my future, though perhaps cut out with a wee bit more seam allowance (i say more, but i definitely didn't cut this with seam allowance). the fit on this one wasn't tight, but it doesn't have too much room for future bump growth either!


Betsy said...

So pretty! I've done a bit of sewing recently myself.

Megan said...

Very cute! That would look perfect with a teeny bump to go with it. Hope you're feeling well x