Thursday, February 11, 2016

day eleven - green love.

according to my blog archives, it's been a long long time since my last green love post... since may it would seem.
a ridiculously long time!

needless to say, quite a lot has changed! this might be another photo heavy post...
first up, le rose!

out of control rose bush with yellow blooms, it's taller than me!close up of a single yellow bloom

it's a pretty happy chappy at the moment.
not that it's ever particularly unhappy to be honest, but this summer, i've been giving it a little attention... plenty of water, and dead-heading the spent blooms where i can (not that you'd know looking at the above photos ha ha)

this wee tomato isn't looking so happy...

tomato plant in polystyrene box with sad brown looking leaves, but growing ripe tomatoes

i always find this happens with tomatoes i grow here, they get super leafy, put on fruit, and then the leaves curl up and die. i guess i shouldn't be too upset, because as you can see above, the fruit still ripens up beautifully!

the space below could be called 'potted colour bonanza'

a variety of floral plants growing together

a little bed i planted out pre-wedding as it's never really been used for anything... i did grow some onions out there one year i think, but that's about it.
now it's a beautiful bee haven and incredibly nice to look at to boot!

and a little to the right...

an assortment of pots and tubs filled with plants

a whole load of pots and container gardens...
the tomato in the back there is looking the same as the one above, who knows!
the petunias in the tub with the rose have gone so crazy, i love how lush they look!
and also, pineapple! just pineapple-ing along slowly. bb bought a pineapple when shopping the other day, so i've got the stalk prepped and in the kitchen on the windowsill. hopefully it will sprout some little roots and i'll have a pair of pineapple plants!

phew! so many garden stories, and we're only in the front yard still... the back yard might need to wait until tomorrow!

what's growing in your patch at the moment?

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