Saturday, August 1, 2015


why hello there! a little bit of a blogging break was had over the month of july.
i completely and totally felt i needed a little time away from this space, to have a think about how i was feeling and to rest up. a little hibernation if you will...

i'm back this month though, with a few goals for this month and a couple of new ideas for what i would like to do with this wee space.

july was a purposefully pretty slow month for me. well kind of... i wanted to avoid this space to get to doing some of the things that had been building up and building up since the start of the year.
and now, a few long term knitting projects are off the needles, the unread magazine pile beside my bed is whittling down, and the number of unread blog posts in my bloglovin' feed is low and staying low.
i've also been making sure i get some movement in my days, committing to my 10 000 steps a day for the large majority of the month and the last couple of weeks, taking measures to bring my diet back in check.
the whole process is definitely making me feel a little bit better, and yesterday i woke up with more energy than i have in MONTHS! it feels awesome!

my goals for the month ahead include finishing up a hat that i started during the week, finishing up a beanie i'm writing up a pattern for (eep!) and making a start on the re-knit of the jumper i knit for bb (i frogged it a year ago! that time sure went quickly...). i finished the swatch for it last night, so i'm hoping after a wash, my tension will be ok and i can get started on it straight away!
the other big project on my to-do list is my box of mending! i've got two garments (a dress and a skirt) that need re-zippering, and a dress that needs the waist band altered. my sewing machine will be out and proud on my dining room table for a few weeks i think. i'll aim to get one garment fixed a week... we'll see how that goes ha ha.

i also want to get back on the meal planning bandwagon. i'm hoping to save some $$$ this month by not buying food at work for the entire month, and to maybe even keep track of my savings to keep me motivated.
i'm also hoping to keep moving, with at least 10 000 steps a day, and maybe even a take a few runs too. i ran for the first time in ages last weekend and it felt really great! my 5k run took me nearly an hour, but i think i can improve on that time for sure.

what are your plans for the month ahead? feeling motivated?

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Megan said...

Good luck with all your goals! The finished cowl looks lovely. My only goal for this month is to finish the baby blanket I'm knitting BEFORE the baby comes. I am running out of time! And other than that, not collapse in an emotionally wrecked heap when it does come. Oh, and when it does come, after a couple of settle in weeks, try to go for a walk every morning. We'll see how that one goes. Really, that one is doomed to fail but hahah oh well!