Wednesday, October 22, 2014

green love.

phew! it's been a busy week so far, lots of work, some dancing and never enough sleep, but that's just what i've been doing!
my garden has been busy too, even if i've been too busy to be out in it.

my spinach has gone absolutely ballistic. almost too ballistic as it's quite close to going to seed... and by that i mean, it's trying but i keep pulling any buds off that form so i can get moooooore leaves!
i'll have a good pick of the leaves tonight to veg up the meatballs that i'm making for dinner. deeeeeelicious.

even though i've barely been outside in my garden so far this week, i did get quite a bit done around the yard over the weekend, including getting all these little guys repotted into bigger pots.

i also decided to leave them OUT of my greenhouse. time to harden up suckers!
don't mind my scraggly lawns either, they're on this weekend's to-do list...

after i freed up the bigger pots that the roses were in, i got to some more re-potting jobs too...

well i made a start in any case. i have another 21098341 little weenie tomato plants that need bigger pots too, just need some more compost to put them in... another job on this weekend's to-do list ha ha!

i shared a picture of my bay tree last sunday, as i thought it was doing some pretty good things...

but check it out now!! i feel like it's almost double in size! one happy little vegemite bay tree indeed.

and speaking of happy, my grapevine is looking pretty pleased too.

despite being nearly overtaken by the raspberries, the grapes seem quite happy in their little corners of the planter box. and *touch wood* nothing has decided to eat the living daylights out of them yet either... maybe it's the eggshells? fingers crossed everything stays untouched!

now to remember to keep the water up to everything...

what's growing in your patch at the moment? do you grow your own bay leaves? or spinach? what's your favourite way to eat spinach?

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