Wednesday, April 2, 2014


you can always tell the state of my headspace for the week, by whether i manage to get a meal plan up for the week...
no meal plan - i'm all over the place!

a stressful start to the work week for me, with my boss away, but more so, for bb, who has worked all weekend, the last two weekends to get a project done that launched monday! i've missed him and our little routines, so hence, my all over the place-ness!

oh well, onwards and upwards!

the goals i had for march, were kind of achieved half-way... i made it halfway through the fitness plan for the month, and about a week into my healthy eating plan before everything fell apart. i think i ended up eating more junk food in the other 3 weeks of the month, than i had all year combined! not helped of course by the stress factor bb and i were both feeling...
i think i was being a little too strict on myself as well, which is why it all fell apart. i think i'm much more a moderation girl, as i tend to rebel against rules, even the ones i set for myself (especially, really...).

on the crafty front though, i achieved most of my goals... i finished this and even started and finished a similar one too!

i also made a little blankie for my newly born nephew (he was born monday, i am dying to go for a visit and a cuddle!) as well as a couple of dishcloths for cath and days for girls.

that reminds me, i need to get them in the post to her today! as well as that second heart scarf!
the second scarf is going down as my first sold knitted project! it was bought mainly from pictures on instagram i think, and i was so excited sewing on a label, and packaging it up to send last night, so awesome!

anywho, it's april now! enough dwelling on the past!

my goal for this month is to get some beanies happening... really. need to get onto this one really soon...
though i have promised my cousin a pair of socks too. and while looking through my stash for a suitable bundle of wool for her socks, i found some yarn that i'd forgotten about to make myself some socks as well! oh, and now that my little nephew is born, i'm sure i'm going to want to knit another little something for him too!

beanies nicole, beanies!

what are you plans for the month ahead? do you get distracted from what you should be making, by something you want to be making?

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kgirlknits said...

Congrats on the sale! And the new nephew :-)

Beanies are great April projects, I reckon - quick, snappy knits. But I know the lure of socks! Me, I'm swimming in sweater knitting at the moment... At the rather tedious end of it too. I'm looking forward to a bit of accessories knitting in the near future ;-)