Sunday, May 19, 2013

road trippin'

yesterday, i had a plan.
well it wasn't just my plan... brianna and myself, as well as her husband (he played driver), jumped in the car and headed up the calder to BENDIGO!

i was excited because it's a 4 hour round trip, meaning 4 hours of un-interrupted knitting time

our destination in bendigo, was one i've been wanting to go to for a while now...

and boy did i enjoy myself!
i had a very hard talk with myself before going in, 'now nicole, you're not to buy anything that you don't have a project in mind for...'
and for the most part, that worked...

this was my haul!
and boy do i have plans for it!
there'll be several pairs of socks, a beanie (for our faithful driver), a little blankie, a milo or two, a kina too and probably some more socks thrown in for good measure.
a suitcase full of plans!

i have some things i need to finish off first though.
the beanies need to be finished (the ends! i hate them!), they need tagging, oh, and they need to be posted. and then i have my bamcal blankie to finish too! i bought another ball of navy to finally finish the scallopy edge!

then i'll have the big decision about what to start first! eep!

have you indulged in any retail therapy lately? how's your wool stash looking?

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Sue said...

I have the same colored Murano and knit a baby peuperium out of it. It turned out so nice too. Love all your yarns!