Monday, June 4, 2012

make it in may.

at the beginning of may, i mentioned that i might whip up a skirt and join in with curlypops and her 'make it in may' skirt sew-along...

then it got to the end of may...
and i hadn't even made a start! but i had been doing some thinking...

i'd bought a massive length of fabric from the oppie, that was a nice and light piece of linen, perfect for the weather in tropical far north queensland (i'm heading there later on this month ;D).
and that got me to thinking a little more... i knew that i wouldn't have had time to sit and trace and pin and press and all of those complex dress making things...
then on my day off i thought, 'stuff it!'

i folded my material in half, cutting it into a square (well squarish...)
then i folded it into diagonal eighths and cut a round shape from the middle

then i cute a length of fat elastic to fit my waist and sewed in into the hole i'd cut, hey presto!!!


i did then press the skirt, and hem it. and i'm quite proud of the hemming job i managed too,

just look at those neat little corners!
i'm just a little bit proud of my last minute efforts. and i think it'll be beautiful to wear while i'm away, so light and breezy! and perfect to go over a pair of bathers :D

check out the other skirts on the curlypops blog, or over on the flickr stream.


Lea said...

This is fantastic Nicole!!! I love it!

becclebee said...

lovely! I love a simple project - well done!